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We are a member of the

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2019 Blazin Heat Tournament

Kwame Nunn Memorial Tournament:

The 2019 Kwame Nunn Event will be on May 4th and 5th.

Blazin Heat tournaments are open to boys and girls 4th grade 10/u - 17/u Varsity

Download the registration form HERE

The price for the Kwame Nunn Memorial Tournament is: 1 team $325.00;

2 teams $300.00 each; 3 or more teams $275 each. PayPal payment:

You can also pay by sending the team name, age and roster with players AAU numbers and coaches names to our mailing address:

Chico Blazin Heat Basketball

PMB #145, 236 W. East Ave Suite A

Chico, CA 95926

Tournament Locations:

Bidwell Jr. High School, 2376 North Ave, Chico, CA 95926 MAP

Chico Jr. High School, 280 Memorial Way, Chico CA 95926 MAP

Chico High School, 901 Esplanade, Chico CA 95926 MAP

Corning High School, 643 Blackburn Ave, Corning CA 96021 MAP

Los Molinos High School, 7900 Sherwood Blvd, Los Molinos CA MAP

Marsh Jr. High School, 2253 Humboldt Road, Chico CA 95928 MAP

Maywood Middle School, 1666 Marguerite Ave, Corning, CA 96021 MAP

Pleasant Valley High School, 1475 East Ave, Chico, CA 95926 MAP

Tournament Rules & Policies (Click HERE to download a .pdf version)

All players and coaches must be registered with AAU this year.

All Coaches and or Team coordinators should have players and coaches AAU cards,player birth certificates and grade exception forms with them at the tournament.

In the event of a protest, you must be able to provide proof of age/grade at the event.

National Federation of State High School Association Rules Apply

High School Girl Rules Apply for Girls, High School Boy Rules Apply for Boys

(Exceptions) These exceptions apply for both Boys and Girls.

* Ball size. Girls - 28.5 Boys 9/U 3rd thru 12/U 6th - 28.5 Boys 13/U 7th thru 17/U 11th Men’s Regulation Size

* Jersey color. It is not mandatory that all teams have (2) color jerseys (light and dark). However, it is highly recommended to avoid teams wearing the same color at the same time. When possible the home team will wear light, and visitors wear dark. Coaches should work this out diplomatically before game time.

* No shot clock. 10 second back court violation.

* On all free throws, players shall enter lane on release of ball.

* Technical fouls results in (2) shots and the ball.

* No jewelry, plastic bracelets, earrings, etc. shall be worn by players.

* Team may start game with 4 players.

* Games for all divisions will be 7 minute quarters stop clock.

* Time outs per game are three full (1 minute) and two 30 seconds.

* Tie breaker determined by, #1 Head to Head, #2 points (max. 15 points per game) #3 total points #4 points allowed.

* Running clock in 4th quarter if 20 point differential. Stop clock will resume if team can come back within 15 points.

* Overtime Rules. 1st overtime will be 3 minutes. 2nd overtime is 2 minutes. 3rd overtime is 1 minute. 4th overtime will be sudden death.

* Any team that does not show up for any scheduled game, will be financially responsible for each game missed. ($100.00)

* Game time is game time. (exception) If a team shows up 10 minutes late, the opposing team has the decision on claiming a victory by forfeit or playing the game with an adjustment to the clock. If a team is more than 10 minutes late, the game is a forfeit. In addition, the game may start earlier than scheduled time, only if both coaches agree to start early.

* There maybe unforeseen circumstances that may require site director to make changes concerning the manner in which the clock is being run. If the tournament is running behind time it may become necessary for the clock to be run and stopped for shooting fouls only. Once the tournament has been determined to be back on time, normal stop clock may continue.

Disruptive Behavior or Fighting Policy

Any player involved in fighting, spitting, or provoking behavior towards any person, on or off the court, during a Blazin Heat event shall be suspended for all remaining games and shall not be allowed to participate in the following tournament. Any spectator involved in fighting (physical contact with another), spitting, or provoking behavior towards another person during a Blazin Heat Sports Event, shall not be allowed in or around any gym of the event being held. Absolutely no profanity from spectators, players

or coaches. Any spectator causing a problem, shall be asked to leave the gym, by lead official or site director. (Must be away from any entrance or exit of gym.) That spectator shall be allowed back to future games. Lead official or Site Director has the right to ask any person to leave the gym site. If that person does not leave immediately, 911 shall be called.

Officiating Policy

Chico Blazin Heat organization is not responsible for the assigning of officials for all games. The officials are assigned by an Independent Officials Association. Any complaints regarding officiating, must be submitted in writing to the mailing address (PMB 145, 236 W. East Ave Ste. A, Chico CA 95926) or email (chicoblazinheat@yahoo.com). Please include game time and location. Include as much detail information as possible. All complaints will be forwarded to the Officials Association.


* Individual awards will be given to players that are present at the championship game only. If there are only 4 or 5 teams in any division only the 1st place team will be awarded. If there are 6 teams in any division then 1st and 2nd place teams will be awarded.


* Saturday: (All Day) General $10.00, Youth 6-14 $6.00, 5U Free, Seniors $6.00

* Sunday: (All Day) General $7.00, Youth 6-14 $5.00, 5U Free, Seniors $5.00

* Coaches must check in at the door of their first game. Coaches with AAU numbers that are submitted with team roster prior to the tournament will be listed at each gym. (2) coaches per team allowed free admission. Additional coaches will be required to pay admission. All coaches must be registered with AAU.

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